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Hedge Fund May Have Hired Prostitutes But They Were Highly Qualified Prostitutes

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Yesterday in court, Jordan Wimmer, the Nomos investor relations girl suing her boss, Mark Lowe, for possibly forcing her to accompany him to a strip club, making dumb blonde jokes at the office, and hiring his girlfriend/hooker to work in the office alongside Jords (which you understand was demeaning because it gave the impression that an IR girl is kinda like a whore) added a couple more complaints. First off, that Lowe treats women like objects ("he thinks he can just buy women like handbags or designer dresses which are meant to be just thrown around and bought on occasion") and second, that he talked about that sickening love stuff in a place of business.

'I couldn't believe he was acting like a teenager in love, telling me wholly inappropriate things... Like how he loved Ling, and whether Ling loved him. I do think it's inappropriate when your boss is talking about teenage love and lust stories about his girlfriend.'

As for Wimmer's issues with Lowe bringing working girls to business meetings, the defense doesn't see how that's relevant because a) those hookers are his girlfriends and b) they're key players in the industry.

Elizabeth Melville, representing Mr Lowe, said to Miss Wimmer that one of the women Miss Wimmer was referring to, Natalia Malagina, was also highly qualified, and had worked for two investment banks, and is now studying at Lausanne University for an MBA.

The City girl and the Russian 'escort' her hedge fund boss used to take on business trips [DailyMail via BI]