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How To Become An Economic Powerhouse


So that's how they're achieving 10% growth.

Sulfur emissions from imported Chinese drywall is linked to corroding metal and wires in U.S. homes, and may be causing eye irritation and other health complaints by homeowners, federal investigators said.

Joke's on them: They're going to own this country soon enough, stinky, poorly-built houses and all.
Chinese Drywall Linked to Metal Corrosion, U.S. Says [Bloomberg]



Eggheads Trying To Rig Trump Economic Plan With Math

Aren't Wharton types just the worst? (wink wink nudge nudge)


Call The Close: Yuan-a Guess How Bad It's Gonna Get?

You know things are bad when we start punning.

China Does Not Need To Invade Taiwan

It will just buy it, piece by piece.