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Jim Cramer's Bear Call Was Second Worst Prediction Of The Decade, Says Fellow CNBC Colleague (UPDATED)

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CNBC, like any other organization, has typically followed the rule that while you might despise your colleagues, any trash talk about them being idiots or whores is done privately. United front and all that crap.* So, for instance, we've yet to hear anyone from the network agree with the generally accepted belief that Jim Cramer's bold call your money was safe with Bear Stearns back in March 2008, because "Bear Stearns is fine," was one of his greats, and by greats we mean worst calls of all time, second only to the public declaration that Lenny Dykstra is the best money manager in town. Then this morning, we got this:

And it raises a few questions, such as:
1. Does David Faber have a death wish?
2. Is this the beginning of something beautiful, wherein everyone at CNBC just starts turning on one another?
2a. And we finally find out who leaked Maria's high school nickname to the Post?
2b. And Sue Herrera's true thoughts on Michelle's Caruso Cabreras?
3. Is someone going to have his tires slashed?
4. Can we get Faber to say this to JC's face, on air?
5. WILL JIM CRAMER ADDRESS THIS AFFRONT ON TODAY'S STOP TRADING SEGMENT? And will it go something like this, but with the word "Faber" swapped for "they"?

Cramer: Bear Stearns [Newsweek]
*Any if you absolutely must leak your feelings to the media, you do so as an anonymous source.
UPDATE: Newsweek has changed the byline to Arlyn Gajilan, one of their editors. Why? Because David Faber was asked to simply write a piece on the fall of Bear Stearns. Newsweek, we're told, then inserted the Cramer angle and used it for the list. Faber, kind of understandably, was not happy about this, and after what was probably an awkward conversation with Cramer, the byline was changed. So Newsweek is now in the business of instigating shit which is interesting.



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