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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Charlie Gasparino To Discuss Book In Natural Habitat

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Actually, that's not entirely true: CG's first choice of venue to have a roundtable discussion of the definitive take on the crisis, When Mooks Fail: The Goddamn Beatin' That Bear Stearns Took, is his local Gold's Gym (the last stop on the tour, late December). But this is at least preferable to doing it in that place with all the books. Will he step into the ring and regale the crowd with a quick demo from a guy who, little known fact, was a Golden Gloves hopeful? I think you know the answer to that. If you, too, would like to wow clients with a celebrity appearance at your annual investor dinner, get in touch.

From: Strategas Research Partners
Subject: Strategas - Boxing Night 2009 at the NYAC
It's time for the 3rd Annual Strategas Boxing Night at the New York Athletic Club. As a way to socially say 'thank you' for the support we've received all year, Jason Trennert and I want to invite you to join us for a great night of steaks and boxing. This year the event will take place on Monday, November 23rd at the New York Athletic Club with dinner & drinks to start at 5:30PM / intercollegiate bouts starting at 7:30PM. Charlie Gasparino will also be on hand to discuss his new book, "The Sellout."
Please let me know if you'd like to attend.