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Opening/Closing/Holiday Bell: 11.27.09

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Year after deadly Black Friday stampede, stores get ready (NYP)
Guess what? You don't have to be afraid of getting trampled to death by a bunch of savages trying to get fifty percent off a flat screen! A bunch of stores decided that this year they're going to be making people form orderly lines and Best Buy even ran a "dress rehearsal" last night so it's employees could practice what it would be like having their faces stepped on. Also! Wal-Mart has learned it's lesson and is "committed to looking for ways to make stores even safer for our customers and associates." Got that? Even safer.
Truce Opens Door For AIG, Greenberg (WSJ)
The insurer and its founder agreed to kiss and make up. Both sides have dropped their claims, AIG is paying Greenberg's $150 million in legal fees, they've promised to stop trash talking each other and public and Hank will get some rug he's been fighting for that apparently really tied some room together. "The company will return to Mr. Greenberg a Persian rug that used to be in the anteroom of AIG's boardroom and photographs of him with Chinese leaders and AIG founder Cornelius Vander Starr. It will let him access certain corporate records and archival materials that would enable him to write his memoirs AIG said in a filing."
Ex-UBS Banker Seeks Billions for Blowing Whistle (NYT)
He's in jail 'til 2013 but the former UBS private banker, who helped a bunch of clients avoid paying taxes, would like to be compensated for turning his ex-coworkers over the IRS. Job well done and all that jazz. Pay up.
Dubai Shows Limits of Government Rescues, Roubini's Das Says (Bloomberg)
"We're bound to see a rise in risk aversion," Arnab Das of Roubini Global Economics said in an interview. "The Dubai situation signifies that although the major central banks around the world have stabilized the financial system, they can't make all the excesses simply disappear. We still have to work out those balance sheet stresses. The recovery is proceeding, but significant challenges still lie ahead."

Obamas' Uninvited Guests Prompt an Inquiry
Thank god Vikram didn't let his anger over the snub get the better of him and crash this shit himself.
Dubai Debt Freeze to Hit Property Recovery (WSJ)
"Should they effectively default, it can become one of the biggest sovereign defaults since the Argentinean crisis," said Marina Akopian, partner at HEXAM Capital, which manages about $440 million in emerging markets. "It will certainly have a very negative impact on the Dubai property market and I suspect on property markets globally."
Cramer v. Furor (NYP)
Jim Cramer expressed support for the tax on trades bill the other day and apparently some of CNBC's viewers didn't like that! Here's what Cramer has to say to them: BRING IT ON. "If this is going to be another round of death threats against me and my family, and I have to call the FBI again because of things that were promised to happen to my family, well, let's just say I am ready," he wrote.
For those of you in need of a little holiday cheer:


Holiday Bell: 10.12.15

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