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Phillies Win, Threaten To Undermine The Recovery

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PHILADELPHIA--The New York Yankees failed to end the World Series last night with a victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. For the superstitious among you, especially the Yankee fans, there's an extraordinarily stupid "study" that says you should be extra fearful of a Phillies comeback in the series.
Since 1930, when the Yankees have taken home the Commissioner's Trophy, the U.S. gross domestic product has grown an average of 5% in the following year. On those exceedingly rare occasions that the Phillies are the last team standing, things don't go so well: In 1981, a year after the Phils' first-ever championship after 97 years of futility, the economy grew a paltry 2.9% amidst sky-high interest rates and 7.5% unemployment. This year, the reigning champs have presided over what seems likely to be negative economic growth.
Here's still more reason to root for the Bronx Bombers: The only other time these two teams have met in the Fall Classic, in 1950, the Yanks swept the Phils, leading to a prosperous 7.7% increase in GDP in 1951.

These potentially ominous/potentially promising numbers were crunched by the good folks at The Wall Street Journal's Real Time Economics blog. And they readily admit a major flaw: The Yankees are the most-successful sports franchise in history, while the Phillies have lost more games than any other professional sports franchise (10,206 and counting). So while the Yanks have been to 33 World Series over the past 79 years and won 23 of them, the Phillies have hoisted just five pennants and two world championship banners.
The Yanks have two more chances to ensure the economy turns around next year, starting tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium.
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