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Should Jon Corzine Take Over Bank Of America?

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Nobody else wants the gig and, as you're aware, JSC has come into some time on his hands. He wouldn't have to move to Charlotte and abandon his Hoboken palace, which is nice, and he's got some experience running a bank. Still, I don't really like the idea of Papa Bear lowering his standards and just taking the job because he couldn't find work elsewhere (also: Ken Lewis's sloppy seconds? I don't think so). Plus, there are so many other things he could do. While the original Beard sleeps off the hangover (and his successor wakes up atop a mountain of empty Hostess cupcake wrappers), let's get some brainstorming going on what JC should do next:
* Bank of America Chief
* Treasury Secretary (Geithner's practically begging for someone to put him out of his misery at this point, and he's got the most important pre-req, employment at GS, covered)
* Race car driver
* Write his memoirs, and finally stick it to the Christian Scientist snake who stole Corzine's job while he was on vacay with the fam

* Hedge fund manager
* Complete and total degenerate (he's done the upstanding, productive member of society gig for a while now-- time to try something new. The bonus is that this new gig would include drunkenly heckling Christie for being fat outside his office)
* Charlie Gasparino's (martini induced) prediction: an analyst on MSNBC
* Your Call