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Sorkin's Book May Beat Gasparino's In Instances of "F*ck" Per Page But It Falls Short In Self-Love

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As you may have heard, the numbers have been crunched and to some people's surprise, Andrew Sorkin's book, Too Big To Fail, bests Charlie Gasparino's When Mooks Fail for the number of times the word 'fuck' is mentioned, overall and per page. Sorkin's got 20 (.03/page) and CG has 10 (.02/page). To some, this was shocking, given what they think they know of Chaz, though not to those of us who know that a) Gaspo runs a "classy operation" and b) that the auteur was nervous the Pulitzer committee would be skittish about awarding a prize to someone with a filthy mouth.

Charlie told Business Insider that he attributes the lack of fucks, compared to Sorkin, to the fact that he did more aggressive fact checking (ex: he was told Fink used the term "mother-fucker" during a tense meeting last year, but in checking out the quote, was told by Larry that the BlackRock founder, as a rule, never sticks a mother in front of a fucker). Still, not wanting to disappoint his legions of fans, or give the impression he's gone soft, CG reminded us that while he may drop less f-bombs than ARS, his book "has Jimmy Cayne jerking off" and possibly use of the term 'cocksucker' though he can't recall on which page so you'll have to buy the book to find out. (To be fair, rumor has it Sorkin's book was thisclose to including Tim Geithner giving out HJs in the second floor men's room of the NY Fed but it was taken out due to vehement protesting by TG's handlers.)