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There's A Possibility Corzine Will Maybe Take Over At Bank Of America (Though Not If Dick Bové Has Anything To Say About It)

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John Carney reports he's hearing that Jon Corzine's staff is "already prepping to take over at Bank of America." This strikes us as slightly premature on the staff's part, as, Carney goes on to say, "there haven't been any formal talks" between JSC and the Bank of America board. (Also: why would Papa Bear's employees, as in his employees while Governor, assume they'd be going with him to BAC?). If it's true though, and this really does look like it's going to happen, J.Co will have to first deal with Dick Bové.

As you know, the hormonal and highly strung analyst was deeply upset by the "brilliant" Ken Lewis being unfairly stripped of his post at Bank of America, whose success unparalleled skills as a "visionary and tactician." We'd assumed she'd gotten over the upset in the past five weeks but apparently, not so much. Not sure how we missed this but Divé said yesterday that the obvious replacement for Ken Lewis? Is Ken Lewis. So the claws are fucking out and it sounds like anyone who wants this job is going to have to get through Boves first. Which will be difficult, 'cause she'll be scratching your eyes out.