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Tim Geithner Will Not Be Showing Himself Out

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If he gets asked to leave, fine, great even. It's not even really a secret at this point that he wants to go (why do you think he stopped trying to sell his house?). But if anyone here thinks that they can bully him into leaving cause he's some sort of push over, think again! The elven Treasury Secretary is not afraid of any of you or the dark, he is not a (total) puss and? He's got something of a sassy side.

At a Joint Economic Committee hearing in Congress, in which House and Senate lawmakers sit on a panel, Rep. Kevin Brady opened up his questioning by telling Mr. Geithner Republicans, Democrats, and the American people had lost confidence in the Treasury Secretary and asked him to resign.
"It is a great privilege to serve this president," Mr. Geithner responded. "I agree with almost nothing you said."

And if you want to talk about confidence? When people, The People, think about Tim Geithner? They think confidence shooting out of every orifice.

Brady wasn't done. "The public has lost all confidence in your ability to do the job." Geithner wasn't done either. "If you look at any measure of confidence in the financial system, it is substantially higher today than when the President of the United States took office." Brady: "This is your budget! This is your bailout!"

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