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Wall Street Journal Take Crisis Coverage To The Next Level

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Earlier this year, after a rash of criticism that their financial crisis coverage was far too fluffy, and that they weren't taking this thing seriously, the Wall Street Journal vowed to start addressing the real issues. Nobody wanted to start losing serious investors to the Times and wouldn't it be great if Rupes could say his reporters were ahead of the curve prior to the next crash? They started by tackling something huge: a Page One exposé on cankles. Many were worried that after blowing the doors off that story, the follow-up would seem frivolous by comparison. Even people at Dow Jones were nervous they'd shot their load too soon. Today those fears are put to rest.

Today the Journal tells us about spray-tanning. If you thought the focus of the story, the cast of Dancing With the Stars, was the only organization that keeps tanning technicians on hand to spray employees every time they need a boost, then you haven't spent much time in southern Connecticut.
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