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Welcome To The Post-Recession World, Europe (Sorry, England, You're Not Invited)

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Congratulations, Europe. Your long continental nightmare is over, and with it the late recession.
We here on the other side of the Atlantic have been recession-free for some time, and let me tell you, it'sbeen, uh, great. Sure, unemployment is continuing to rise, but that's no big deal. And the bank failures, well, they're continuing, too--120 and counting this year!--but post-recession America has a plan for that. We're building smaller houses, too, but you guys already do that, so no worries.

Sorry, Britain, but you'll just have to wait your turn. Your economy simply isn't growing. And Eurozone, your economy isn't growing as fast as you'd like or the experts expect, but who needs that kind of headache? Look at what a booming economy is doing to the poor folks in the Asia-Pacific region. Even Tim Geithner, a man with plenty of problems of his own, took the time to pat them on the back and reassure them that they're doing a super job. And anyway, at least Nick and Angela can get together for a good laugh at Gordon's expense.
Ireland, you're still not doing so hot. Work on it.
Isn't technically being out of the recession great?
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