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What Is Eliot Spitzer Trying To Tell Us Here?

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Eliot Spitzer recently had lunch with a reporter from the Financial Times to discuss, among things, his writing gig with Slate, how he rarely eats pasta for lunch, and why he's gone soft on Hank Greenberg ("maybe it's maturity or distance from the case"). Towards the end of the meal, the topic turns to paying someone to do stuff for you, and the noted hooker-fucker had this to say:

At one point we are comparing notes on skiing, and I make a pitch for how nice it was to have a catered chalet with what I refer to as a "houseboy or housegirl" to cook all the meals.
"Housegirls I can't do," he says bluntly.

He doesn't elaborate on that point, and because he was being vague, forces us to interpret what he actually meant. Was Spitzer saying:
* That he prefers to have his meals prepared by a man?
* That when he was made to promise he'd never fuck a hooker again, he had to throw in the help, too?
* ED
* He was just making a joke, a little reference to that sitch he got himself into in li'l while back with the prostie. He wasn't being serious-- of course he "does" housegirls.
* Your call
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