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When And How Will Tim Geithner Leave Office?

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The Post reported today that Jamie Dimon's name has continued to come up in Washington as a possible replacement for Tim Geithner. This isn't very shocking, as Jamie Dimon was considered a candidate for the job before TG was nominated, and consistently over the course of the year. Plus, he's Obama's favorite banker and so and and so forth. If asked to take the job, JD, who's said he'd "love to serve his country," probably would, and even Dick Bové is supporting the nom. Still, Bové is likely only doing so because she's under the impression that Ken Lewis is going to get the Bank of America CEO gig. When reality sets in that KL is going to be escorted from the BAC building come Dec. 31, crazy lady Divé will obviously then declare Lewis the only one fit to be Treasury Secretary. Plus, Dimon has expressed that he's planning on staying at JPMorgan for five to seven more years and after that, fingers crossed, will open a bar. But someone is going to have to take over for TG, whether it's Dimon or whoever, and the question is when. Lately it seems as though the stress of acting as everyone's fire hydrant is getting to the li'l fella. And now, he's shouldering some of the blame for why AIG employees aren't getting paid, which mean it's very likely that, like Cuomo, Benmosche's going to put Geithner in a room and do "unspeakable things" to the Secretary, that will leave him in too damaged a state to do his job. So let's make this interesting. Two questions:

1) When will Tim Geithner leave office?
* Sometime in the next month
* January 2010
* At some point in the next six months
* Next summer
* Mid-terms
* He makes it through the whole term
2) Under what circumstances?
* During his yearly review, the boss suggests that it would be for the best
* Obama decides to go with JD, and has someone inform TG to get his things together and be out of the building in 20 minutes.
* Larry Summers cuts Geithner off on the way to work. Geithner tries to give Summers a seizure with his headlights, to no avail. In his "lose it" moment, an enraged TG crosses the parking to give LS a piece of his mind, failing to realize that there's no way he could take LS, and ends up in a full-body cast, and 3 months of bed rest.
* Same scenario as above but instead of simply breaking all the bones in TG's body, Summers, having recently watched a series on the Middle Ages, thinks that if he kills Geithner, he gets to be the next King of EnglandTreasury Secretary. (When he's done at Treasury, he's gonna kill that lady that runs Harvard now.)
* Asks for maternity leave (and just never comes back)