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Which Brokerage Firm Is Responsible For Unleashing Shia LaBeouf On The Markets?

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In case there was any doubt as to whether or not Shia LaBeouf is a big boy trader now, the Money Never Sleeps star has confirmed that he is indeed the market moving BSD you imagined. Also, he apparently knows "everything" there is to know about this shit, so if anyone's looking for a little guidance, be it hot insider trading tips or which type of estrogen pills will get your tits looking just right, feel free to give him a buzz. (Once he passes the Level 1 CFA exam in December, which our sources at the institute tell us he's hard at working studying for, it won't even be fair. Potential investors: act quickly and he'll trim his fees for the first $2bn in AUM with an 8-year lockup.)

The actor...says he knew nothing about the financial world when he was first cast by Oliver Stone, so he walked into a brokerage firm and asked for help -- and soon got so hooked, it has become the biggest part of his life.
The actor says he used $20,000 to study the markets. "As of this morning, that's $297,000," he said.
"I manage my own portfolio. I check through the day, read the daily Wall Street Journal, trade personally on my cellphone, text people throughout the day, carry my laptop on the set, have Bloomberg on speed-dial. I now have lots of friends in lots of places."

And the Transformers star is not alone -- his costar Josh Brolin has also become hooked on trading.
"Shia and Josh Brolin finish their scenes, then talk market all day," said director Stone. "I now go to Shia to ask, 'What's happening in the market?' He started on it with this film and now knows everything."