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Who Should Take Over For Benmosche?

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Update: Fuck the below and headline above: CNBC reports that Bob has sent a memo to employees promising he'll never leave them.
Obviously it goes without saying that we sincerely hope Bobby B's threat to walk out of AIG and never come back was just that. Hopefully the board will coax him down from the ledge and Ken Feinberg, understanding that no one else has the panache to get the job, will lift these silly compensation restrictions, and give 'Mosche the room to work. We need Bobby AIG if only so that he can taunt Andrew Cuomo into a fistfight, and tell us how he really feels about the "crazies in Washington." Yes, he could do all this from one of his finely appointed bathrooms in Croatia, but a slightly loftier perch would be nice. But: it's possible he might actually have been serious when he said he's "had enough of this" and so we must prepare ourselves. Deal Journal reports that the following AIG board members are possibilities:
- Douglas Steenland, the former Northwest Airlines Corp. chief executive
- Robert "Steve" Miller, the former CEO of Delphi Corp,
- Arthur Martinez, the former CEO of Sears, Roebuck & Co.
- Harvey Golub, the former CEO of American Express Co.
But they might not care for the gig. So, let's add a few more names to the short list. Ken Lewis will need work soon but I think they stopped letting AIG employees booze on the job a few months ago. Hank Greenberg? I'm thinking he'd love that and it would spare him the effort of making AIG: The Sequel. Who else?
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