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Write-Offs: 11.30.09

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$$$Carlyle sued by Kuwaiti group over fund [FT]
$$$Charlie Gasparino: Goldman is about to be come a "second tier" bank. [TDB]
$$$ Treasury's Confidential 'Break The Glass' Plan [Andrew Ross Sorkin]
$$$The Fall of Mean Jean [Crain's]
$$$ Canada Somehow Ranks Ahead of Mexico in PwC's Global Economic Crime Survey [GC]
$$$Some Of Wall Street Is Spending Again. Like one animal-in-formaldehyde lover in particular: Sandy Heller, an art adviser who buys for SAC Capital Advisors founder Steve Cohen, says he is taking Wall Street clients to next week's major art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach. "We're not going to Miami so we can buy everything with a credit card," Mr. Heller says, "but as far as a broad mood goes, my clients are feeling more positive."
Others, not so much: A senior investment banker at a major Wall Street firm recently planned to impress clients with front-row World Series tickets. The company, a recipient of U.S. government aid, nixed the plans, citing potentially bad publicity. The investment banker wound up schmoozing his clients about 20 rows behind third base at Yankees Stadium. [WSJ]
$$$ Sex Diaries: The Rebounding Financial Analyst [NYM]