Clive Cap. Tells New Investors To Shove It


John Paulson and Stanley Fink are dying to take your money and pour it into gold. Clive Capital is somewhat less enthusiastic.
The London-based hedge fund is certainly bullish on the shiny stuff, predicting that its value will continue to rise and even increasing its bet on it. But it doesn't want your money, not anymore. Those looking to invest in commodities won't have the world's largest commodity hedge fund to kick around anymore.
At least, not until its "focus and scrutiny of market liquidity and portfolio diversity" make it change its mind.

Interest in gold has "expanded massively in recent months," Clive said. Too massively for this bearish of bullish gold investors. The influx "suggests that the potential for further investment flowing into the gold market is huge." Thanks for the insight. Tell Julian Robertson something he doesn't already know.
Despite the boon in gold prices, Clivers are only up slightly more than the average hedge fund this year, with a 22% return.
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