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Congratulations, CFA Candidates

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Not because you think you passed (you probably didn't?), but because it's over and you don't have to think about this thing again for a few months, at which time you'll receive your results and either a) slit your wrists or b) decide to give up another million hours of your life for the next level, all in the pursuit of adding three little debatably valuable letters to your b-card (when you should really just add SMD and be done with it). Here's freak-out boy's recap of the day:

I took it in Boston, and let me tell you, it was rough. It all started with the setting: The Boston Convention Center, where a decent cup of coffee has never been heard of. There was a whole lot of people that had been up all night, obvi carrying formula sheets and what not. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits after the first half, except for the twitchy kid that sat next to me. I am pretty sure he was licking meth off pieces of tinfoil the whole time.

After being subjected to some horrible $10 food-court fare we all headed back for round two, with our chins up. It seemed, however, that something was not quite right. It was kind of like a scene after the first day of college, when all the hungover freshmen devour some caf fare only to be running for the latrines within the hour. After that, morale was low. It was way too cold and windy to smoke cigarettes during the break and people started dropping. I know by the end I was too tired to really give a fuck. I heard a lot of self-pity sighs. By the time we were left out it was snowing / sleeting / raining and we had pretty good winds. Where so many people arrived caffeinated and full of excitement, thinking about their future as BSDs partying it up and scoring model pussy; everybody left broken, tired, cold and so alone. It was somber. I didn't even bother with a celebratory bottle of bubbly at Centerfolds, I just went home hit up Fleshbot.
The exam itself though? Not that bad. Fixed income seemed to go into exceptional depth where as everything else stayed in the shallow end. It's just a long fucking time.
OK, joking aside, the funniest thing was all the people who have loved ones (friends/family/SOs) who were waiting outside for them with big hugs like it was the fucking airport or they were coming back from war.