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Danielle Chiesi: The College Years

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As previously mentioned, one of the unforeseen consequences of the Galleon insider trading bust was credibility taking a hit. Specifically that of the individuals who'd told their friends and colleagues that Danielle Chiesi was a dime piece, and who were slightly dismayed to see the picture of her from a Bridget Nielsen (Flavor Flav Years) look-a-like contest. Luckily, they were saved when Bloomberg reported Danielle Chiesi was in fact named Miss Southern Tier Teenager in 1981, with the photo of DC in a tiara following shortly thereafter to prove it. Today another pic has emerged, from the sorority files.

[via Bloomberg Markets Magazine]
*Also, we've been informed by one of Chiesi's neighbors that "the sweater shot of Danielle is a TERRIBLE picture..she is much prettier than that. And she actually is incredibly sweet."