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David Tepper's Lucky Charm(s)

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A pair of panties and 5 inch stilettos. A carton of Pall Malls. The ticket to his first Cher concert. These are just a few of the good luck charms some of the industry's best known managers (Jiang, Simons, Griffin) turn to when they need that extra inch. They've done their research. Their homework has been turned it. But they still aren't sure which way this thing's gonna go. So they look to the rabbit's foot or whatever their version of the rabbit's foot may be. In David Tepper's case, it's a pair of testicles.

The husky, bespectacled trader laughs easily, but employees say he can quickly turn on them when he's angry. Mr. Tepper keeps a brass replica of a pair of testicles in a prominent spot on his desk, a present from former employees. He rubs the gift for luck during the trading day to get a laugh out of colleagues.

So, David Tepper rubs his lucky balls at various intervals throughout the day. Okay, that's fine. It's actually better than fine, because it's helped Appaloosa earn $7 billion in profits so far this year. Which brings us to this: they're a brass replica of whose testicles? Obviously there are going to be some hedge fund managers out there reading this who'd like to break themselves off a piece of D.Tepp's success this year. Those things were based on an original, and we're going to need to know who they belonged to, asap.

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