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Dick Fuld: Lehman Didn't Want (Or Even *Need*) A Government Bailout

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Also, does anyone have any money they'd like to free up for the Gorilla? 'Cause that's something he would like to get a piece of, over at the new shop.

Fuld is trying to raise funds from private equity and other investors that would provide aid to small businesses seen as "growth companies." The aid would be provided by using his Rolodex of market contacts to help firms raise capital or by providing financing, people familiar with the matter said. The effort is being done through Fuld's Matrix Advisors, a small firm he set up earlier this source said Fuld still maintains that Lehman didn't want or need a lifeline from Uncle Sam to stay afloat, and that had he struck a deal for a capital infusion with a group of South Korean investors, the firm would be around today.


Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

Sleep where the former Lehman Brother CEO hath slept, while he was keeping a low profile post-bank collapse/plotting his comeback.