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Earth-Shattering Report Finds That CEOs Make Relatively More Than Those Who Work For Them

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Breaking news: If you are the CEO of your hedge fund, you probably make more money than anyone else at the firm.
This groundbreaking finding comes to us from the good people at Infovest21 and their eighth-annual executive compensation survey for hedge funds. It's quite possible the full report says more, but we are simply too excited by the news that chief operating officers make the second-most money at hedge funds that we fear the consequences for our health were we to pay the $700 for the full report.

Generally, management positions were higher (e.g. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer) but lower for most investment positions (e.g. Portfolio Manager, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Senior Analyst, Mid-Level Analyst, Junior Analyst, Director of Research.) Compensation was also lower for financial positions (e.g. Fund Accountant, Assistant Controller).
Sales and marketing positions were mixed - higher for Director of Sales and Marketing but lower for Client Services. Legal/compliance compensation positions were also mixed - higher for General Counsel but lower for Compliance Director.

Accountants? You guys are the worst. You make less than $100,000, which puts you on par with journalists not named Andrew Ross Sorkin or Charlie Gasparino, third-world farmers and your unemployed accountant friends. Why don't you all just go and kill yourselves rather than live with the shame?
Annual Hedge Fund Manager Compensation Survey [Infovest21]
CEO, COO Most Lucrative Jobs In Hedge Funds [FINalternatives]


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