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Eliot Spitzer's Stiff Competition

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Eliot Spitzer, clearly, is dying to get in public office. A bid for the presidency probably isn't too far off, but he's got to start slow, hence the rumors he's considering a run for city comptroller, which he probably thought would be an easy win. Unfortunately, in underestimating the woman who once supplied him with hot young tail, he thought wrong. That's right ladies-- Kristin Davis, the madam with whom Ness once had an amicable working relationship has announced that not only is she going to do her best to prevent the noted hooker fucker's triumphant return to public service, but she's going to run against him (KD is also the woman who protested Spitz speaking at Harvard, which I'm assuming is indication that everywhere Big E goes for the rest of his life, this tremendous lady will be there). Davis is doing so for three reasons.
1. Sexism

I will run firstly to highlight the inequities and sexism in our criminal justice system which penalizes women, minorities and poor people while wealthy, connected white men like Eliot Spitzer evade justice. Our system that allows Spitzer to walk on money laundering and violating the Mann act (transporting a prostitute across state lines), but sends Plaxico to prison for seven years for shooting himself in the foot is ripe for real reform.

2. Qualifications, namely, her superior ones

At the same time I am just as qualified for the position of comptroller than Spitzer, a bully who used the Attorney general's office to blackmail business but whose record in court was embarrassing. I managed the operations for a hedge fund for 10 years, I was VP by the age of 26. I built a multi-million dollar International business out of nothing. I will have my Masters degree before election day in November 2010 as I am finishing my dissertation now. Unlike Prince Eliot I worked for everything I achieved; Daddy paid his way.

3. Because Spitzer wore black socks during sex

Eliot Spitzer has violated the public trust. His hypocrisy, patronizing escort services while prosecuting others and his lies about the illegal financing of his campaigns for Attorney General should exclude him from any position of trust.His black socks in the boudoir are an additional affront to good taste. His abuse of some of the women I arranged for him to spend time with raises serious questions about his character.

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