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Former Governors Of New York: They're Just Like Us!

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If we have to deal with a) airport delays and b) knowing looks from people who think it has something to do with those times we banged some hooks.

"Yesterday evening suffered a 6 hour delay waiting for JetBlue ... But Christmas came early with a Spitzer sighting at the gate... An unshaven Spitzer was cruising around gates A20-A24 conservatively dressed in blazer, khakis with the appropriate accessories... Wife and Kids! Perhaps purgatory for Elliot is a Continental flight at EWR?
Yes, EWR..."


Eliot Spitzer's Liason To The Hooker World Announces Plan To Run For Mayor Of New York

Earlier this month, the Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg and his advisers had been "floating the possibility of mayoral runs to at least five boldface figures," including Chuck Schumer, Mort Zuckerman, Ed Rendell, Edward Skyler, and Hillary Clinton. Strangely left off the list? A woman who some might say is actually Hizzoner's most worthy successor and who conveniently announced her intent to run today: Kristin Davis, the woman who once supplied Eliot Spitzer with hot young tail.