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Further Musings On The Ex-Mrs. SAC Story

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Talking Biz News is reporting that Reuters supposedly held the SAC Ex-Wife article by the excellent Matt Goldstein after top Thomson Reuters executives allegedly received pressure from the mothership to kill the story. In related news, there may be another reason why several news outlets, who, we have it on good authority, had the story as well, held it until the suit was officially filed, unrelated to any pressure from the hedge fund.

Apparently Patricia Cohen had been saying she was going to bring this case against Stevie for over a year now. It was clear that several reporters had been briefed on the situation, and told at various intervals "it's coming next week" ad nauseum. There was a huge question mark as to whether or not the suit would actually ever be filed. For that reason there was some well-founded, widespread skittishness about printing a report claiming that the ex-Mrs SAC, who'd been divorced from the big guy for roughly two decades, was going to file a case accusing her ex-husband of a bunch of crazy shit, in the event it didn't actually pan out.