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RIM job: Toying with your fragile emotions this holiday seasonChristmas vacation is starting early. At least it might as well, since your BlackBerries have stopped working.
Oh, they fixed it? False alarm. Get back to work.
E-Mail Delays Again Plague BlackBerry Users [AP via NYT]


Gary Cohn Wanderer

Gary Cohn Can't Go Home Again, But He Has To Go

There is maybe no door locked more firmly to Big Gary than the door leading back into Goldman Sachs.

SEC Pulling Out All The Stops In Its Home Courts

Flipping witnesses is so hot right now.


Senate Shrugs Shoulders, Signs Off On Guy Who Specialized In Kicking People Out Of Their Homes

We’re sure Joseph Otting won’t allow the kind of things he got up to at the banks he’ll now oversee.