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I Always Get Those Two Fields Confused, Too

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Tragically unavailable in Japanese translationSo what do you do when one of your traders mistakenly sells ¥372 billion in shares for ¥1? Sue the stock exchange!
A court has ordered the Tokyo Stock Exchange to pay Mizuho Securities more than ¥10 billion because a technical glitch prevented Mizuho from cancelling the disastrous sale. Apparently, in Japan, the stock exchange is 70% responsible when you try to sell 610,000 shares of a company for ¥1 rather than one share for ¥610,000.
Mizuho said its total losses from the screw-up were ¥40.7 billion. The Tokyo exchange is considering an appeal.
Tokyo bourse ordered to pay Mizuho $121M damages [AP via Google]


Commerzbank To Have Cake, Eat It, Too

Appreciative as it is for the €21 German taxpayers threw it, Commerzbank has had quite enough of living under the government's thumb. So it's going to finish paying back those taxpayer loans by conveniently diluting its shares such that the German government can't tell it what to do anymore.

By user Siqbal (Originally uploaded to the English Wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You Didn’t Think Wells Fargo Could Get Away With Just Firing Those Forex Bankers, Did You?

The Justice Department is cooking up a big, fat s**tburger for Tim Sloan & co.