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James Gorman's Tips For Maximizing Your Workout

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James Gorman is taking over Morgan Stanley on January 1 (4th?). Some of you (shareholders, employees) would probably appreciate a little insight from the horse's mouth as to how he's planning on running the place, etc. We're not going to give that to you. What we will share is Jimbo's favorite track to blast while hitting the bag.

During the financial crisis, Mr. Gorman...blew off steam by hitting a punching bag in a gym while listening to music. With "Back in Black," by the Australian band AC/DC, playing, Mr. Gorman said, "you'll definitely go faster."

Obviously that got us thinking-- what do our other favorite CEO's listen to while whaling on their pecs or, in some cases, doing an easy 30 minutes on the Elliptical because they have bad knees? So far we've been able to gather the following information from various trainer/towel-boy moles. If you have any further intel please share at this time.
* Lloyd Blankfein- toss up between "We are the Champions" and "Pussy, Money, Weed"
* Vikram Pandit- "Get Your Freak On"
* Jamie Dimon- "Born to Run"
* Ken Lewis- "Love Will Never Do"
* John Mack- ??
* Dick Fuld (he still counts)- ??


James Gorman Will Say Something Nice About Wall Street When Wall Street Earns It

If you're looking for a cheerleader, go bark up another tree. “Say you want to be out ahead of it and give a lot of speeches and talk about all the good we’re doing,” Gorman said today at an industry conference in New York. “And then some trader does some stupid thing like this guy at UBS did and he’s in jail and all bets are off,” Gorman said. He was referring to Kweku Adoboli, the UBS AG trader convicted of fraud this month in the largest unauthorized trading loss in British history...Traders at New York-based Morgan Stanley had too much latitude in the past, “what I call having an outsized sandbox,” Gorman, 54, said at the conference, which was sponsored by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. “Until we can be really confident we’ve got discipline around the sandboxes, I think you have to be really careful not to be holier than thou,” Gorman said. “We’re going to be in the doghouse for a while.” Incidentally, this would a good time to mention that Gorman's bonus policy instituted last January-- STFU or GTFO-- still stands.