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Jamie Dimon Awarded Dubious Honor

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American Banker has named Jamie Dimon the Banker of the Year, for obvious reasons. They include: running a bank that didn't have its ass handed to it, being Obama's favorite, allowing employees to celebrate the birth of Christ/awkwardly grope each other, general hotness, and not being the guy running the firm where they fertilize eggs in the basement for the sole purpose of destroying the embryos* (ixnay on the aldybay). Normally, we would be happy about any honor bestowed on the boy-toy CEO this one we cannot get behind, given that last year's recipient was Ken Lewis, who put a curse on the thing. So thank you, AB, but no thanks. We're good here. You can have this one back.
*One of the lesser known secrets to their success.


Brian Moynihan Has Total Confidence In Jamie Dimon

He's got this. JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon has the experience needed to manage the fallout from trading losses, and market disruptions haven’t been serious, Bank of America CEO Brian T. Moynihan said today. Trading didn’t freeze and markets behaved “reasonably well” given the circumstances after Dimon disclosed at least $2 billion in trading losses at JPMorgan’s chief investment office, Moynihan said today at a Manhattan investor conference. Dimon has shown he’s got the skills to handle the affair, said Moynihan, whose Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank ranks second by assets behind New York-based JPMorgan. [Bloomberg]