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Ken Lewis Backs Tiger Woods' Life Choices

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Skanky as they may be! Having a lucid moment for perhaps the first time ever, Bank of America has decided that is it in no position to take a moral stand against (alleged) cheating or shitty driving.

Bank of America Corp. still plans to continue its talks to take on a broader role with the Tiger Woods Foundation, despite speculation that corporate interest in Tiger Woods will be negatively affected after his car crash on Nov. 27. "Negotiations between Bank of America and the Tiger Woods Foundation are ongoing," said Joe Goode, senior vice president for national media relations for Charlotte-based BofA (NYSE:BAC). "We've enjoyed a very positive relationship with Tiger through our partnership of the Tiger Woods Foundation and our sponsorship of the Chevron World Challenge. Our thoughts are with Tiger and his family at this time, but this is a personal matter and we respect Tiger's request for privacy."

In fact, in a show of solidarity with T-Dubs, we have it on good authority that Ken Lewis offered both alleged mistresses BAC jobs to keep their mouths shut. Jamiee Grubbs, you may have heard, declined (she's already got a gig as a cocktail waitress, so same diff, no diff). The wiser Rachel Uchitel took KL up in it, and for her denials (which weren't even part of the deal) had her offer bumped from "a" job at Bank of America to "the" job at Bank of America (CEO), which the board was fine with, since no one wants it anyway ("It's easy, just sign anything Tim Geithner or Ben Bernanke send you and you're all good").