Little-Known Government Agency Says Everything Is A-OK


Not even this guy could do a worse job than Tim Geithner.The U.S. and global economies have "turned a corner," according to Federal Express.
The highly-regarded economic study board and shipping company says we're all going to be alright, because they shipped a freakin' ton of stuff on Monday. Their own numbers don't seem to bear out the optimism, but who cares about 30% drops in profit when you can offer assurances that our long international nightmare is over?
Unless you're British. Your country still sucks.
FedEx Sees Economy Gaining Strength [WSJ]


The Eurozone Is Ruining Everything

Here's the latest impressively awful bit of data to emerge from the economic wasteland at the heart of the world's economic slag-heap, Europe: Employment in the eurozone has dropped to a seven-year low.

Soon-to-be-Important Canadian Says British Economy Looks A-OK to Him

When your economy has ground to a standstill and stayed there for a period of years, it would make sense to cast about for a new central banker whose approach was somewhat different. And by different we mean more successful.


Mick Mulvaney’s Got His Eye On Another Government Agency To Destroy

Don’t worry: He’ll do it quietly enough not to wake Wilbur.

By Jonrev at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sears Is Screwed, But Eddie Lampert’s Gonna Be OK

The hedge fund manager has done some hedging of his terrible investment.