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Madoff Victim Belts It Out

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Bernie Madoff scammed many, many people. And almost exactly a year later (next Thursday, mark your calendars), each one has attempted to heal the pain in his/her own unique way. Some have taken whacks at his head. Some have pissed on his face. Some have cried. Some have told the world his dick could fit in a thimble. Cabaret singer Cynthia Crane, who lost her piano (and house) when she and her playwright husband were screwed by the Ponz Master, is singing it out.

Her new one-woman show, John Denver, Bernie Madoff & Me, opened last night at Don't Tell Mama on West 46th Street and runs through December 9. In it, Crane sings a medley of John Denver songs and cabaret standards, interspersed with patter about the Ponz. "Is there anyone out there who doesn't know who Bernie Madoff is?" she asked the crowd last night, before launching into "The Spider and the Fly."
The guy who put the P in Ponzi
The bull in Bull Market
And the scum in Scumdog Billionaire?
Yes Bernie Madoff was the spider, and John Denver and I were the flies. Madoff got a lot of

Getting Back at Bernie, Through Song [Daily Intel]