Opening Bell: 12.03.09


Goldman Takes Offensive On Pay (WSJ)
Goldman has been holding private discussions with shareholders for weeks on the subject of compensation, in order to indicate that they care what investors think and ward off a backlash before paying out huge ass bonuses. Here's a 14 page presentation re: making it rain on employee's faces.
Barclays Said to Plan Salary Increases, Lower Bonuses (Bloomberg)
Apparently the change will mainly affect junior and mid-level employees.
RBS board may quit if £1.5bn bonus plan is vetoed (Independent)
Let the chippies pay people whatever they want or they're walking, maybe.
Senator Sanders Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation (NYT)
"In this country, there is profound disgust at what happened on Wall Street," Mr. Sanders said in an interview. "People want a new direction and people are asking, where was the Fed? How did the Fed allow this to happen, when one of their mandates is to oversee the safety and soundness of the banking system?"
US Seeks Client Names Of Stanford (Reuters)
The Justice Department asked a court on Wednesday for permission to seek the identity of American clients of the Texas financier R. Allen Stanford who may have been hiding their assets with his firm to evade taxes.
Tiger's New Prenup (TDB)
A lawyer familiar with the hastily conducted negotiations of the past 72 hours said that as of Wednesday evening Elin has been offered a $5 million payment immediately if she agrees to stay--and her prenuptial agreement is being revised to give her up to an additional $55 million.
Comcast, GE Strike Deal; Vivendi to Sell NBC Stake (WSJ)
Comcast now owns the majority of Maria's ass.


Opening Bell: 5.4.15

Charter interested in Time Warner; HSBC whistleblower not finished here; Berkshire will probably buy a German company; No $6 mm home run bonus for A-Rod; Toilet beards; and more.

Opening Bell: 5.26.16

Dong Energy targets $16 billion IPO valuation; Top UK model agencies accused of price fixing; Cheap bros have found a new way to get out of paying for dates; and more.

Opening Bell: 2.11.15

Goldman Sachs beats off job applicants with a stick; Justice Department wants guilty pleas from four banks; RadioShack expects to pay out executive bonuses; ECB wants people to get off its back re: Greece; "Following the film release of Fifty Shades of Grey, B&Q employees may encounter increased customer product queries relating to rope, cable ties and masking or duck tape. Store Managers should anticipate the need for extra stock and store staff should read the following brief to prepare them to handle potentially sensitive customer questions"; AND MORE.