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Party Planner Personally Offended By RBS's Bare Bones Holiday Party

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RBS has neither the money nor the reason to celebrate a job well done this year. Last night's party in Stamford (at the office) was as disappointing as one could expect for a firm whose ass is owned by the UK government (except for the department that took theirs off-site to Foxwoods) and the celebrations across the pond will probably be just as bad, with only 10 pounds ($16) being spent on each employee. Obviously one would expect the people forced to attend these depressing events to be a bit upset, though presumably no one else would give a fuck. Except one. Party planner Di Bailey was asked for her thoughts on the matter and bitch is pissed. She can't conceive of how RBS could even dream of throwing a soiree on such a tiny budget and is so disgusted that she washes her hands of the whole situation. She wants nothing to do with this thing and until the bank allots the proper amount of money for the gala it so richly deserves, she suggests employees go ice skating.

Di Bailey, managing director at Planit Events Ltd., whose clients include HSBC Holdings Plc and Morgan Stanley, recommends employers spend about 80 pounds-a-head to ensure a "decent" party. Bailey said she couldn't organize an event at a cost of 10 pounds-per-employee and recommended staff use the money to go ice-skating instead.

RBS is making as much as 10 pounds available per employee this year, a person familiar with the situation said. Two pints of Kronenbourg 1664 lager and a packet of salt and pepper- flavored crisps cost 8.21 pounds in the Master Gunner pub in London's Broadgate district. An hour's skating at the Tower of London Ice Rink costs 10 pounds an hour off-peak.

Other ideas Bailey had for RBS employees that didn't make it to print included suggestions to: attend Ping Jiang's house party (all misses and stupid girls welcome), knock over a convenience store, and JO&C.