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Prince Alwaleed Thinks Banks Should Quit Their Dubai Bitching

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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire Saudi investor, said banks that made loans to Dubai World should have understood the risks they were taking and can't claim to be victims of the emirate's debt crisis. "These banks are very mature banks, and they have to differentiate between a corporate loan and a sovereign loan," Alwaleed, 54, said today in an interview on Bloomberg Television. "When things go sour, you can't have some banks in the West going to Dubai and saying 'oops' and crying wolf and saying, 'You should have guaranteed those loans.'"
Alwaleed said confusion over whether the Dubai government would back Dubai World's debt "was not helpful at all" and damaged investor confidence in the region. "However, you have to understand that other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and neighboring Abu Dhabi are countries to be reckoned with," Alwaleed said. "With the price of oil where it is now, I don't think their economies will be shaken at all."

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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Can Once Again Sleep At Night

No longer will the world be under the erroneous assumption he's only worth $20 billion.