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SEC Will No Longer Schedule Incompetent Inspections

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Now if only they had the talent to actually catch the bad guys.

U.S. regulators, seeking to impose stiffer rules on money managers a year after Bernard Madoff's arrest, will require that investment advisers who have control over clients' cash and securities get surprise inspections.

SEC Requires Surprise Exams in Response to Madoff Ponzi Scheme [Bloomberg]


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SEC To Offer Whistleblowers A Shiny Nickel

It’s also considering a proposal to give $100 gift cards to those who keep their mouths shut and the regulator’s afternoons free.

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SEC Settles No Longer Politically Convenient Case Against Bloomberg

No point in letting this hang over his head a la Hillary’s e-mails.

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Congress To Increase Fines SEC Won’t Be Able To Levy

Jeb Hensarling's making sure that his buddy Jay Clayton won't have much to do.

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The SEC Is So Sued

That is what happens when you cross the Winklevoss twins.