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Second Coming, Rajaratnam In Long-Awaited Court Appearance

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Lookin' good, Danielle.The prom king and queen were back in court today, responding to the formal insider-trading charges against them with formal declarations of non-guiltiness.
"My daughter is innocent and that is what you will be printing," accused fraudster Danielle Chiesi's mom said, and we oblige. "God borrowed my body and gave me this girl. She's my angel."
Raj's Angel "acted like a movie star," one of the vultures snapping pictures at the courthouse said. The former Miss Binghamton apparently "attracted a swarm of photographers" desperate to see what courtroom chic looks like this holiday season. Answer: dark sunglasses and a long cream-colored coat. Thank you, DealBook.

After the stars of the show offered their lines, their lawyers bickered over when the two will actually go to trial. Prosecutors are pushing for a summer date for the train wreck, Rajaratnam's overly-confident lawyer, John Dowd--the persecutor of Pete Rose--and Chiesi's non-celebrity representation demanding more time.
In the end, who gets their way may depend on U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, who is presiding over the SEC case against the alleged insider-traders. Rakoff wants an August trial; U.S. District Judge Richard Holwell seems to think he might not be swayed and warned everyone to expect an "expedited schedule."
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