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Sinking Ship Values Relationship With Tiger Woods

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What this joyous news you hear? Dubai has added itself to a small but fierce list of people who have pledged not only to not judge Tiger Woods' life choices, but to stick it out with him in his time of need. Maybe it's because Dubai knows what it's like to be publicly humiliated, or because the Big D feels it has some wisdom to impart on those who've (probably) contracted several strains of the clap. WHO KNOWS. Doesn't really matter why. The point is that like Ken Lewis, Dubai is not ashamed to have its name associated with T Dubs.

In the past week, technology outsourcing and consulting firm Accenture PLC ended its endorsement deal with Woods, while Procter & Gamble Co's Gillette brand said it would not use Woods in its marketing.
"The Tiger Woods Dubai ... can confirm that it remains committed to the completion of its centerpiece Al Ruwaya Golf Course, and that progress continues on the first golf course designed by Tiger Woods," Tiger Woods Dubai said in a statement. "Tiger Woods Dubai does not comment on the personal lives of our valued partners," it added.

Not just partner but valued partner. That's gotta feel good.
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