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Something Serious Is Going On With Andrew Cuomo

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So, remember those $165 million in retention bonuses paid to AIGFP employees that a lot of people got their panties in a bunch over earlier this year? So much so that the recipients were guilted into giving the money back? For the most part, they never did (only about $19 million has been forked over). Some of the staff decided to leave the company, and take their cash with them. Others are said to be holding on to it until they receive more color on how badly the Compensation Cop might screw them. We actually don't really care what their reason is for not living up to the promise, because there's a much more serious issue to be addressed. That issue is Andrew Cuomo. Back when this whole thing went down, you'll recall, Andy nearly gave himself a hernia shouting in public about how he was going to bust open the knee-caps of anyone who didn't turn over their bonus to him, ASAP. He also threatened to reveal their names if things his demands weren't met. Now? He could give give a rat's ass.

When the controversy erupted in March, Cuomo agreed to keep the employees' identities secret as long as a significant share of the money was returned to the company. Some of them said his demand amounted to blackmail. But AIG officials said at the time that at least 18 of firm's top 25 executives had agreed to return at least some of their bonus money. "We are deeply gratified that a vast majority of FP's senior leadership have expressed a willingness to forsake their recent retention payments," the company said.

Cuomo has said little publicly in recent months about the AIG bonuses. On Tuesday, his office had no comment when asked about the payments.

What the? But you said? I thought? this isn't really the huge deal you made it out to be? Are you just a bully when the cameras are rolling? Or were you sufficiently scared into backing the hell off out of fear for what Bobby B was going to do to you in a little locked room? WHAT IS IT? WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU?