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Steve Cohen...On A Talk Show

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So....this is a clip from an episode of the now defunct English version of the talk show "Cristina," called "He Acts Like Her Husband, Too," shot in 1992. The show had on a bunch of couples to discuss marital problems arising from the husbands' inabilities to "break free" of their ex-wives. One of these couples was Steve and Alex Cohen, talking about this lady. The Post, as evidenced by the headline, "Slept With Both Spouses While Divorcing," seems to believe the biggest shocker here is that SC supposedly cheated (on the second with the first? First with the second?). But maybe it's actually that this tape was ever made? And also that the clip didn't include more reaction shots of the audience getting riled up. (Lastly, let's just say it-- he looks good and you know it. Somewhere out there today there's a very turned on former analyst thinking whistfully about the time he wasted chasing stupid girls.)