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The End Is Nigh For TARP

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Well, maybe not all that nigh. But when Lil' Tim climbs high atop the Treasury Dept. building and stands on his tippy-toes, he can almost see something that somewhat resembles the end of the $700 billion government bailout program.
"We are close to the point where we can wind down this program and stop making new commitments," Geithner told a skeptical Senate panel today.
How close? "We're not quite there yet." And certainly not in the next couple of weeks, when TARP is set to expire.

Still, just the thought of TARP's demise has visions of sugar-plum fairies in the mind of the ever-imaginative, if diminutive, TreaSec. He told Sen. Grinch (R-S.D.) that all he wants for Christmas is for TARP to go away forever.
"Nothing would make me happier," he said. Not even the appearance of Jamie Dimon's goons, with a message from the president and a loaded Beretta.
Geithner Says TARP Is Winding Down, but Date Not Set [WSJ]


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