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The Most Important Economic Indicator In The World

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Rose only slightly this year. Recovery? Humbug!
All that crap in that annoying Christmas song rose just 0.9% in price this year, buoyed by a 43% increase in gold prices but stymied by a big drop in the price of all kinds of fowl. This year, it would cost $87,402.81 to buy all 78 items.

Twelve drummers drumming: $2,475.20
Eleven pipers piping: $2,284.80
Ten lords a-leaping: $4,413.61 (Totally BS metric, by the way. How many lords work for the Pennsylvania Ballet? I am guessing zero.)
Nine ladies dancing: $5,473.07
Eight maids a-milking: $58.00
Seven swans a-swimming: $5,250.00
Six geese a-laying: $150.00
Five golden rings: $499.95
Four calling birds: $599.96
Three French hens: $45.00
Two turtledoves: $59.98
Partridge in a pear tree: $159.99
Christmas Price Index [PNC, which actually pays people to come up with this]
12 Days of Gift-Giving Cost True Love $21,466 [NYT]