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Who Needs An Appeal When You've Got Amnesty?

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Not covered by the amnestyThey've got another week, but as yet, UBS' tax cheats private-banking clients aren't putting up much of a fight to keep their information out of the hands of U.S. authorities.
Just two Americans--out of the 500 notified last month that they were to be outed--have filed an appeal, so far. Switzerland warned them that the jig was up on Nov. 24 and gave them a month to appeal. Another 4,000 people are to have their account data handed over to the Justice Dept. under an August deal between Switzerland and the U.S. government; nothing has yet been divulged.

Of course, maybe there's not much incentive to fight a losing battle--Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz declared Wednesday that the days of the Alpine tax haven are "over"--when the IRS has promised amnesty. Almost 15,000 have already given themselves up, the taxman says.
Swiss Report First Appeals Filed in UBS Tax Case [NYT]


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