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Who Wants A Piece Of Arki Busson?

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Great news ladies and shemales of SAC-- EIM founder Arki Busson, the smiliest financier around, has called off his engagement to Uma Thurman. Supposedly Busson's major Madoff losses may have played a part in the split-- Uma walked off in a "huff" about something-- though it was reportedly AB who cut the cord. So, sad for the couple but fantastic for those of you hoping to put the perma-grin back on Arki's face, by sitting on it. Will you be the one to make him look like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Uma Thurman, Billionaire Arki Busson Said To Split
[The Improper via NYM]


This makes us a quant, right? By No machine-readable author provided. Skies assumed (based on copyright claims). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Who Wants Arki Busson’s Risk Analysis Technology?

You know, since it worked so well for what’s left of what used to be Gottex and EIM?


You Don’t Have Arki Busson To Kick Around Anymore

You being EY, shareholders, Uma Thurman, etc.