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'Why Would We Even Consider A Woman?'

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Them, too.They may not be as "cute" or "sexy" as Andy T. in a schoolgirl outfit but the three-year-old letter from Tong's lawyer to SAC Capital has couple of other fun tidbits.
First, of course, there's the market-manipulation stuff. Reuters has that covered (click and scroll down), so we'll move on to the character assassination.
Buried in a footnote--attached to the bit about Ping pinching Andy's ass--on page 4 are a series of gems allegedly from the mouth of Mr. Jiang depicting him as a racist, anti-semite and sexist. How Jiang's racism, anti-semitism and sexism is relevant to Tong's claims that sexual assault is not OK in the workplace are unclear, but here they are, for your reading pleasure.

Throughout his employment with SAC, Mr. Tong witnessed Mr. Jiang make several other discriminatory or bigoted comments, such as: "jews are good to each other": "be careful with blacks and jews in the workplace because they are troublemakers and will sue you"; "never hire women, while they learn well they are not dedicated and take off too much time when they get pregnant".

Also, despite the fact that he should have known better, Andy made this mistake:

Indeed, once Mr. Tong was once assigned the task of finding candidates for a junior analyst/trader opening within Mr. Jiang's group and when he proffered the resume of a female candidate, Mr. Jiang responded: "why would we even consider a woman?"

Why, indeed? Why do you think we hired you, stupid girl? Why do you think we keep those buckets filled with estrogen pills by the Bloomberg terminals?
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