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You Could've Been Watching Tiger Woods' Mistress On BloombergTV

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Well, this is disappointing. Apparently way back in the day, before she did a pro golfer (and possibly supplied him with his other ladies) Rachel Uchitel was a producer for Bloomberg TV. She then went out to join the nightlife industry, and peddle puss on the side (her own and others) but just think! If things had gone differently she (and her t's) could've been in your face, reporting on the crisis, alongside Margaret Brennan. So what we're thinking is this: since Bloomberg has already gone official with its Breast Offensive, why not offer Uchitel an on-air gig? She presumably won't come too cheap, but this could be what it takes to finally beat out CNBC in the Cleave Wars. Personally I think the idea is pretty genius but because you people are the ones who'll have to tune in and make it work, and Rachel may not be your cup of tea, before Bloomberg makes an official offer, let's first decide which Woods mistress you want on your screen.

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