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A Constitutional Solution To Our Unemployment Problem

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How lucky that the recovery from the U.S.'s worst economic crisis in 70 years happens to coincide with the country's oldest economic stimulus policy: The decennial, Constitutionally-mandated Census, which begins today.
But said Census will not only tell us how many more annoying neighbors we have today as compared to 10 years ago. It will also do more than give us an idea of just how empty some of those lovely homes built over the last 20 years in certain Florida towns have become. It also means (bad) jobs for hundreds of thousands, almost 50,000 in Wisconsin alone. And 8,000 in Minnesota.1,000 in southern Ohio. And 1,200 in Covington, Ky.

There's a Census office on William Street, and another on Park Avenue South. They're paying $18.75 an hour.
US Census needs 48,000 in Wis. for 2010 count [AP via Chicago Tribune]
Census counting on surplus of workers, office space [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
Census Creates Jobs Around Tri-State [WCPO]



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