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Ace Greenberg On Eggs, And Taxes

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Ace "I give away Viagra" Greenberg came out of his silence today to support Lloyd & Co. (well, mostly Lloyd) who have been unfairly attacked for no valid reasons. People just don't understand that the banking world needs superstars that need to be very well compensated and that the industry (GS) has been doing a very fine job, thank you very much, so stop harassing them.
"You don't win the World Series and not have A-Rod" he said in a CNBC interview.
Ace also argued that banks were forced to take the TARP money and that Obama's proposed bank tax is just "unfair, unwarranted and unprecedented."
On the potential Glass-Steagall resurrection, Ace had just one thing to say: "The egg has been scrambled and I don't think they can put it back in the shell."