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Bob Rubin's Daughter-In-Law Hates Showers, Is Good In Bed

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Bobby Rubin's D-in-L, Gretchen Rubin, recently wrote a book called "The Happiness Project," to deal with her "midlife malaise and help others smile more often." Haven't read it, but it's apparently a best-seller and girlfriend seems pretty chipper so presumably it works. One person she's probably keeping very happy is her husband, Jamie, a senior partner at the private-equity firm BC Partners. Not only because she stinks (some people are into that) but because, in Gretch's opinion, she's a fantastic lay.

Rubin is a slender fast-talker who, in the book, describes herself as humorless and ambitious. Among her dislikes, she writes, are talking on the telephone and taking showers. Rubin, who wrote a "Happiness Project" blog while working on the book, said she's behaving better these days. She relaxes by jumping up and down in her apartment ("my children laugh hysterically") and participating in book groups she started that read children's literature. "The Happiness Project" includes 29 pages about money, including the observation that money, used wisely, can help buy happiness. She said seeing a physical therapist who eased her back pain was money well spent. "Whether rich or poor, people make choices about how they spend money, and those choices can boost happiness or undermine it," she wrote.
But there's nothing in the book about sex.
"I only talk about the things that I had to work on," Rubin said.

If you know what she means and I think you do.
Rubin's In-Law Finds Happiness in Sleeping, Jumping, $3 Pens [Bloomberg via BI]


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